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Us Senate Candidate And Fmr. Rep. Charles Booker On Recent Anti-Semetic Comments In The State Legislature

LOUISVILLE, KY– In recent weeks, there have been several instances of gross anti-Semitism in the Kentucky State Legislature. The pain of our collective history, and the hate that fueled unspeakable events like the Holocaust, should never be used for partisan and political posturing. Using slurs and inhumane attacks in heated wedge issues like abortion have grown all too common in our politics. At a time when the Jewish community and other marginalized groups are facing increased attacks and discrimination, we should all commit to lifting up love and respect for the humanity of all people.

The omnibus abortion bill at the heart of yesterday’s false, traumatic, and offensive remarks by Rep. Danny Bentley is once again taking a healthcare issue that families of all parties and backgrounds deal with, and turning it into a wedge to block the agency of women, deny full maternal healthcare, and rile up deep misinformation for political gain. Not only do I oppose the bill, I strongly oppose the hateful division that is driving it.

I know Rep. Bentley. We disagree on many things, but we have found common bonds in the past that have allowed us to work together to address healthcare access and affordability. With the news of his patently debunked and deeply offensive remarks, it pains me to know he did not show that same concern for the lives and humanity of our Jewish loved ones, and families facing some of the most difficult healthcare decisions. It is also a glaring reminder of the importance of us knowing our history. My hope is that this incident will help shine the light on our need to address the dangers of ignorance and intolerance.