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U.S. Senate Candidate Charles Booker Denounces Passage Of Hb 3, Calling It “A Shameful Stunt For The Chaos Caucus”

LOUISVILLE, KY – The Kentucky State Legislature has sent HB 3, the “Omnibus Abortion” bill to Governor Beshear’s desk to be signed into law. The Republican backed bill is one of the farthest reaching pieces of legislation that would require government-mandated pregnancy for women who conceive, and take away the right for Kentucky families to make their own healthcare decisions.

“Let’s be clear about what is happening in Kentucky and across the country: Big Government Republicans are passing laws that would have the government unilaterally mandate that every single woman who becomes pregnant no longer has agency and rights over their bodies – no matter what,” Booker said. “These laws are a direct attack on personal freedoms and transfers the rights of Kentuckians to a legislature that seeks to make life or death decisions for thousands of people,” said Charles Booker. “This is a shameful and unconstitutional assault by the ‘Chaos Caucus’, and is yet another damning example of politicians weaponizing hate and wedge issues to distract from the fact that they do not care about the lives of Kentuckians. Instead of making sure our children have food to eat, our families have financial freedom, and every Kentuckian has quality healthcare, they are fighting to take away rights and drive people apart. This heinous piece of legislation is not about protecting children, and will only make it harder for our loved ones to get the care they need. I urge the Governor to promptly veto this legislation, and call on the people of Kentucky to join me in standing for the rights of women and families.”