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U.S. Senate Candidate Charles Booker Applauds Investment In West Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY – Today, the Brown Forman Foundation announced an historic investment in West Louisville by making a $50 million investment in 5 West Louisville organizations that are working to lift up minority and underserved communities in the city. The west end of Louisville has suffered from neglect, redlining and poor public policy for generations. The neighborhoods that will benefit from these organizations that are receiving this funding are among the poorest in the commonwealth.

“Today’s news is a powerful and critical testament to our collective responsibility to not only invest in communities like the West End, but to dedicate resources to healing, justice, and transformative change. Generational poverty and structural inequity are not happenstance. The ballooning wealth gap is not a measure of hard work. Communities like my own have been exploited and abandoned, and the path forward requires tangible remedies and restorative economics” said Charles Booker. “I want to applaud Brown Forman for making a tremendous commitment to this broader work, and I commend everyone involved in bringing this to fruition. I also want to lift up the Black led organizations who have been working to bend the arc toward justice and opportunity. This news is an important step in the right direction, and a reminder that our best days are ahead of us if we lock arms and lead for it together” Booker said.

The organizations that will receive the money are LCCC, AMPED!, West End School, Simmons College of Kentucky and the Louisville Urban League.