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U.S. Senate Candidate Charles Booker Applauds Governor Beshear’s Veto Of HB 3

LOUISVILLE, KY – Today, Governor Andy Beshear used his veto power to send HB 3, the Women’s Healthcare Endangerment Act back to the state legislature. The bill places Kentucky ahead of all others as the national leader in restrictions on women’s reproductive rights and healthcare. This Republican led bill is designed to divide us politically on false notions of morality. However, the bill puts the government in charge of major healthcare decisions, obliterating the liberties of Kentuckians seeking essential and life-saving healthcare.

Not only does this bill force women into government-mandated pregnancies, it cruelly punishes women who suffer miscarriages under medical supervision to bear the added mental anguish and financial burdens of burial or cremation services. It is an unnecessary and grievous financial hardship and emotional injury on the 20% of women whose pregnancies end in miscarriage.

“HB 3 is an unconscionable, dangerously unconstitutional, divisive and blatantly destructive bill that gave Governor Beshear no alternative but to veto it. This bill is a perversion of morality that strips women of their liberties to seek essential and life-saving care. Should this law go into effect despite the Governor’s veto, Kentucky will become the first in the country to have a ban on abortion services. Our commonwealth deserves better,” said Charles Booker.