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U.S. Senate Candidate Charles Booker Announces First Round Of Kentucky New Deal Action Candidates

LOUISVILLE, KY – Today, former State Representative U.S. Senate Charles Booker will be making a powerful announcement to shift the political landscape in Kentucky. Mr. Booker’s campaign is focused on ending generational poverty, creating good paying union jobs, providing financial security, ensuring universal healthcare, access to affordable education and the possibility of achieving a sustainable future for all Kentuckians. Mr. Booker’s vision “The Kentucky New Deal” has drawn candidates across the Commonwealth that are joining him in a commitment to people centered policy by signing the Kentucky New Deal Action Candidates pledge.

The Kentucky New Deal Action Candidates have signed a pledge created by the Booker campaign which demonstrates their commitment to leading on policies that prioritize ending poverty, ensuring investments and sustainable economic opportunities for all constituents, protecting human rights like healthcare, and lifting up common bonds to strengthen the democratic process. The pledge process is ongoing throughout the 2022 election cycle, and today the Booker campaign is publicly announcing the first wave of candidates to take the pledge.

Here is the first wave of candidates:

  • William Compton – 2nd Congressional District
  • Angela Evans – Fayette County Attorney
  • Daniel Grossberg – Kentucky State House 30th District
  • Shameka Parrish Wright – Mayor of Louisville
  • Attica Scott – 3rd Congressional District
  • Josie Raymond – Kentucky State House 41st District
  • Morgan McGarvey – 3rd Congressional District
  • Craig Greenberg – Mayor of Louisville
  • Tim Findley – Mayor of Louisville
  • Adrian Wallace – Mayor of Lexington
  • Betsy Ruhe – Louisville Metro Council District 21
  • Dr. Karen Berg – Kentucky State Senate 26th District
  • Lamin Swann – Kentucky State House 93rd District
  • Chad Aull – Kentucky State House 79th District
  • Martina Jackson – Kentucky State House 91st District
  • Shannon Fauver – District Judge
  • Matt Lehman – 4th Congressional District
  • Stephen Yancey – Jefferson County Sheriff
  • Nima Kulkarni – Kentucky State House 40th District
  • Lisa Willner – Kentucky State House 35th District
  • Keturah Herron – Kentucky State House 42nd District
  • Tom Burch – Kentucky State House 30th District
  • Susan Cintra – Kentucky State Senate 34th District
  • Buddy Wheatley – Kentucky State House 65th District
  • Jimmy Ausbrooks – 1st Congressional District
  • Geoff Young – 6th Congressional District
  • Karl Price – Jefferson County Attorney
  • Neal Turpin – Kentucky State House 30th District
  • Sarah Stalker – Kentucky State House 34th District
  • Kathleen Parks – Louisville Metro Council District 1
  • Ameerah Granger – Louisville Metro Council District 1
  • Alison Brotzge-Elder – Louisville Metro Council District 6
  • Brittney Hernandez Stevenson – Kentucky State House 15th District
  • John Pennington – Kentucky State House 24th District
  • Jonathan Lowe – Kentucky State House 34th District
  • Robyn Pizzo – Murray Independent School District School Board

“At a time of so much division in our politics, it is critical that Kentuckians run for office who understand the power of our common bonds, and finally prioritize the structural challenges we face so that our commonwealth can thrive. I am proud to launch this powerful new platform as a way to show some needed solidarity, and to help make it clear that my vision of ending poverty is not radical, but is in fact the leadership the people of Kentucky are demanding. I want to thank every candidate who signed this pledge already, and encourage every Kentuckian running for office to join us in showing that the fight for our future requires us all to stand together. This is how we transform politics in Kentucky, and this country” Booker said.

The Booker campaign will be making more announcements on the rollout of the Kentucky New Deal Action Candidates ahead of the primary election on May 17th.