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Rand Paul Attempts To Make Confirmation Hearing Of Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson All About Him In A Stunt Fit For A Hollywood Diva

LOUISVILLE, KY – As the roll call vote for the confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was called, Kentucky’s Junior senator Randal Howard Paul was nowhere to be found. In a stunt fit for a Hollywood Diva, Senator Paul was nowhere to be found while his 99 senate colleagues voted on the nomination, further obstructing our nation’s pursuit of justice by casting an inexplicable “no” vote. After blocking the Emmitt Till Anti-Lynching bill for two years and opining that the Civil Rights Act went “too far”, Senator Paul has once again put himself in the spotlight at the expense of American people.

“This is a typical day in the political life of Rand Paul. Instead of acting like an adult with a serious responsibility of representing 4 million Kentuckians and voting with his fellow senators, he remained absent until the national press began noting that he had not cast his vote yet. The sad truth is that this is nothing new for Rand. He would much rather be the center of attention than getting things done for the people that need him the most,” Charles Booker said.