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Sustainable Economy

Charles is a father to three young girls, and wants to build a future in which they can thrive. That means ending the climate chaos that has already begun by dramatically reducing our dependence on fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses, and instead building the infrastructure of an economy that thrives on clean, innovative renewable sources of energy such as solar.

Charles believes that Kentucky, one of the largest coal producing states in the country, and one whose economy has been rocked by the decline of the fossil fuel industry,must take the lead. This means reclaiming, repairing, and revitalizing abandoned coal mines, and the communities that have been devastated by their decline. The transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future must be led by Kentuckians in the very communities hardest hit. Charles supports the creation of a climate corp that empowers Kentuckians to do just that.

Providing for a clean environment, housing justice, guaranteed union jobs, and direct community investment will strengthen the holistic health for all families. This is about our survival –– the survival of our planet, but also our economic survival and the well being of our families.