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Reproductive Freedom

Protecting families and protecting our future means that we must meaningfully address the injustices and inequities around women’s health. Charles firmly believes that women and all those with the capacity for pregnancy have the right to make healthcare decisions that affect their own bodies, and that no government may deny that right. As the next U.S. Senator, Charles will stand for reproductive justice and freedom, and work with the Democratic majority to finally codify Roe v. Wade into law.

Seeing the urgency for a greater focus on maternal care in his own family, Charles will lead on making sure we have federal legislation to address the biases and structural racism in the delivery of care that have led to abnormally high levels of maternal mortality rates for Black women. He will also continue his work led at the state level, by demanding comprehensive and medically accurate sex education, greater access to birth control and STD care, and pushing to ensure that feminine hygiene products are available for free on college campuses. Charles will also continue his effort to ensure that there is not a sales or use tax on feminine hygiene products, otherwise known as a “Pink Tax”.