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Charles Booker, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate, Calls for a “New Politics” to Unite Kentuckians

Booker: “Our politics should not be about division, but about solving the problems that we all share … This is bigger than party. The system isn’t working for us.”

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Charles Booker campaign for the U.S. Senate today released a new ad which calls for a “New Politics” that centers on solving the problems facing Kentucky such as prescription drug prices, inflation, and a tightening housing market rather than focusing on partisan divisions. The ad, titled “Shared Dreams,” will be the campaign’s first ad of the General Election to go live on television as part of a statewide media buy slated to begin this week on television, digital media, and connected devices.

“Kentucky, I know you’re frustrated. The strain on us is very real, but so too, is our strength,” Booker says in the new ad. “Our state motto is ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ We won’t let them divide us anymore … We will win this Senate race. And I’m going to fight for you in Washington — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; the people of Kentucky.”

Charles Booker points out that the divide in Congress is evident in the Senate’s inability to pass legislation to address the issues that have plagued Kentuckians for decades. The 112th Congress, which was Rand Paul’s first in the Senate, passed just 4 percent of the bills it introduced, a number that was as high as 52 percent in the mid 20th century, according to The Brennan Center.

“In my discussions across our Commonwealth, I have found that there is so much agreement on issues like prescription drug pricing, housing regulation, health care and more,” Booker said in a statement released alongside the advertisement. “But Rand Paul, and politicians like him, have pulled the wool over our eyes. He has brought the partisanship and chaos of DC back to Kentucky, rather than bringing Kentucky’s demands to the halls of Congress. If we are to move Kentucky forward and fulfill the boundless potential of our state, we absolutely must move together united behind our common struggle and shared dreams.”

This advertisement is a symbol of Charles Booker’s continued commitment to be present for the people of Kentucky, which the recent flooding has highlighted as vital for Kentucky’s next Senator. The launch comes just after the 100-day mark until November’s U.S. Senate election in which Booker seeks to unseat Rand Paul. The ad cements Charles Booker’s as the first-to-TV in the race, an important milestone that signals Booker’s strength as election day draws nearer.