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Charles Booker, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate, Responds To Rand Paul’s Inability To Believe Racism Still Exists

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Charles Booker, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate, releases the following statement after Senator Rand Paul’s May 26th remarks on the Senate Floor regarding the Domestic Terrorism Bill:

“In the wake of a seemingly ended cycle of mass shootings, and even while families in Buffalo bury their loved ones after a heinous act of domestic terrorism driven by deep racism, Rand Paul showed his true colors yet again. Rand Paul’s blatant dismissal of white supremacy is painful, intentionally ignorant, grossly offensive, and racist. The ills of our nation’s past persist to this day, fueled by horrific conspiracies like the Great Replacement Theory that Payton Gendron used to justify shooting Black patrons in a Buffalo grocery. For Rand Paul to disregard all of this because interracial marriage is legal is damning indictment on his ability and interest in ensuring justice for all Americans. He may want to use a playbook of racism, but I standing with the people to call out this hate. In November, we will choose justice, healing, and humanity, and remove this dangerous embarrassment from the Senate.”